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The History of Our  Department.

The Department of Drug Science and Technology was established in 1984 by a staff from the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry. All the Faculty of the Institute joined the new department, and were later followed by the staff and faculty of the Institute of Applied Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology. Currently the Department has 75% of the former Pharmacy staff, organises and manages most of the former faculty’s experimental laboratories, as well as the IT Lab. In 2012 -2013 180 students graduated from the two 5 year Degree Courses (Laurea Magistrale).

The Faculty has twelve full professors, sixteen associate professors, thirty-four fixed term and tenured researchers and one language teacher. In spite of their teaching load, staff guarantee top standard research as shown by the  brilliant national and International results (see below).

The Department offers post-graduate degree courses in Hospital Ward Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, and Hospital Pharmacy.  The Department also organises the Advanced Specialisation Course in Hospital Ward Pharmacist and Community Pharmacy as well as having a School of Specialisation in Hospital Pharmacy and a post graduate MSc/PH in Community Pharmacy.

The doctoral students of the ‘Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Sciences’ are members of the Department. 


Who we are and what we do


The History of the Department



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